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PROS Good physical controls Supports original cartridges No batteries required CONS Limited phone support at present Booting games is quite fiddly Quite bulky KEY FEATURES Review Price: £59.99/$89.99 USB-Type-C support Dedicated application Physical D-Pad and buttons Supports Game Boy and ...

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You Can Now Play Doomfist On The ‘Overwatch’ PTR

Blizzard Entertainment released Doomfist on Overwatch‘s Public Test Region (PTR) just one day after hinting at the long-awaited brawler’s arrival to the first-person shooter. Blizzard typically releases heroes on an extended timeline. First there are in-game teasers, then we get some extra information ...

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Doomfist Might Finally Join The ‘Overwatch’ Roster

Overwatch players have been waiting for a specific character to debut ever since Blizzard Entertainment released its team-based shooter: Doomfist. Waiting for Doomfist almost became the Overwatch equivalent to waiting for Valve to announce Half-Life 3, but a new teaser on the game’s blog ...

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