Self-healing electric ink refuses to die when cut

Some clever researchers — perhaps too clever — have created a printable, self-healing conductive material that repeatedly fixes itself after being snipped in half. Perhaps this will lead to cut-resistant hunter-killer robots, but more likely it’ll just be used for ...

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iOS 10: Everything You Need To Know

Apple just announced the tenth version of iOS, the heart and soul of all the company’s mobile hardware. In celebration of the operating system’s double-digit milestone, Apple is making lots and lots of upgrades. Let’s take a look. Image: Andrew ...

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You Should Upgrade to 64-bit Chrome

Using Chrome on Windows? There’s a good chance you’re still using the 32-bit version. You should upgrade to the 64-bit version. It’s more secure–not to mention faster and more stable. The only reason not to upgrade is if you’re using a ...

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