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HTC 10 now available in Camellia Red, Topaz Gold in the U.S.


When the HTC 10 hit the U.S., it was only available in two colors: silver and dark gray. Starting today, though, the HTC 10’s color selection is doubling.

HTC is now selling the unlocked HTC 10 in two new color options: Camellia Red and Topaz Gold. Both models are available from HTC’s online store, and both are expected to begin shipping in early October.


When it comes to pricing, HTC actually has two different deals going on. You can snag either the Camellia Red or Topaz Gold model for $599, which is $100 off the HTC 10’s normal asking price. If you don’t mind paying the full $699 price tag, though, HTC will give you a pair of JBL Reflect Aware C earbuds, which normally sell for $199.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen either the Camellia Red or Topaz Gold HTC 10. The red model has been available in Japan and Taiwan for a while now, while the gold version leaked out before the HTC 10’s official launch. Regardless, it’s nice to see that they’re both now available in the U.S. They both add a bit more color to the HTC 10m especially that bright Camellia Red model.

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