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Twitter moves the Moments tab on the web and Android


Twitter is really, really trying to make Twitter Moments happen. How do we know? Well, the company on Friday started changing the location of the Moments icon on its website and official Android client.

The Moments icon has switched places with the Notifications icon. Now, Moments is to the right of the Home button and Notifications follows. Before, Notifications was directly to the right of the home button.

As of right now, the iOS version of Twitter has the Notifications tab in its correct place. I’m already dreading the update that will take that away.

Look Twitter, I was OK with the decision to make stars into hearts — but this is just going too far. Many of us have significant muscle-memory ingrained into where that Notifications button used to belong. Now, tapping that area will open up Moments — the curation feature formerly known as Project Lightning.

Twitter Moments is one of the first big features the company launched since Jack Dorsey retook the reins as CEO. The promise of Moments is that it will increase user engagement. Trying to be a bit like Snapchat Stories, Moments curates tweets and media around certain events.

I can appreciate that raising engagement metrics is important to Twitter’s investors. But nothing says, “no one is using this feature” like moving the button to where another frequently used feature was.



  1. nice post

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  3. Heather & Jessica

    Oh my god, thank you. I feel exactly the same way. They are clearly trying to lure us into using Moments. – J

  4. hey twitter switching notifications and moments doesn’t make me more interested in moments. the opposite, in fact!

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