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5 Types of People Who Would Benefit from Apple’s New Fitness+ Program

It’s going to be $9.99 per month when it launches (although packages like Apple One Premiere offer significant discounts when bundling), so Apple fans will have to decide if the service is worth the price.

If you’re one of these types of people, we think you will appreciate the program.

Data-Crunchers Who Want to Maximize Their Performance Data

Apple Fitness Plus 3

About that data…there’s a lot of it. The latest Apple Watches can already track an incredible amount of vital signs, and Fitness+ puts that to full use in a way that no other fitness app does. During any given workout, you can keep track of your heart rate (BPM), calories burned (active and total), and the time left during the workout.

If running or biking is involved, Fitness+ will also keep an accurate record of how many miles you’ve gone. All this data shows up across devices whether you’re using iPhone, iPad, TV, or Apple Watch. There are also little extras, like the “burn bar” that shows how you’re doing physically compared to other people who have done this workout. Fitness nuts will love it.

First-Timers to Paid Fitness Programs

Apple Fitness 5

Paid fitness
apps are an interesting market. There are a lot of them, with many choices for
quality, numbers of workouts, and what sort of workouts you want to focus on
(as well as how social you want to be about it). Some, like Peloton, are very
successful. But Fitness+ appears particularly friendly to newcomers who are
looking to ease their way into the paid fitness app world.

The interface makes it easy to pick from broad types of workouts, there are lots of beginner-friendly options, and choosing videos appears really easy to figure out compared to other options. Apple also uses handy features like Activity rings to signify and celebrate mid-workout achievements and works with experienced physical trainers for everything from dancing and yoga to rowing and HIIT. It’s a great place to start if you don’t really know what you want out of a paid workout service yet, but are ready to try, and make progress as you go.

Those with Home Gyms

Apple Fitness Plus 5

Fitness+ is also an amazing option for people who already have a home workout station set up, but want to take it to the next level. While home workouts are easy to start with a few basic items (mats, pull-up bars, ab rollers, etc.), there’s also a place for technology.

Find an easy way to mount your iPhone or iPad nearby, or use your Apple TV in a living room space, and Fitness+ can expand your workout routine with new moves, better advice, and a whole lot more data to see how you’re doing. It’s a worthy upgrade for those seeking more.

Patients with Specific Health Goals

Apple Fitness Plus 4

The heart rate monitor, plus the ability of the Apple Watch to track ECGs, potential falls during workouts, sleep health, weight loss (with the Lose It! App) and even glucose monitoring (with the Dexcom G6 app) make Fitness+ an excellent choice for patients who have been provided with specific weight loss and physical fitness goals, and want clear tracking and guides to help them reach their recommended weight and meet physical therapy requirements.

People Who Prefer to Stay Home

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2020 has introduced a lot of new approaches to normal life, and a key change is how hard it is to go the gym. It’s no surprise that a lot of people are now looking at alternatives to save on gym bills and get their daily works done at home on their own schedule instead.

Fitness+ seems incredibly timely for these changes. Its videos and guides are the perfect fit for at-home workouts. In many cases, complex machines are not required (an inexpensive stationary bike or treadmill is nice, but not needed), and you can choose whatever music you want – which is great, since Fitness+ will tie into Apple Music automatically and can even pick out the best music for your workouts.

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