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6 Reasons You Will Want The New MacBook Pro

Apple has launched the next generation MacBook Pro, the first for 18 months, and it is everything we dreamed and more (mainly because we’d already seen the leaked pictures).

But even with the laptop prematurely out of the bag, the features are definitely still something to get excited about.

For the hardcore Apple fans, the powerful specs are impressive, with the promise that it is 6.8 millions times faster than the first ever MacBook.

And for those of us more interested in channeling our inner James Bond, the introduction of a long awaited touchscreen magic toolbar is superb.

1. Touch Bar

The new smart Touch Bar is undoubtedly the biggest selling point for the MacBook, having replaced the top row of the keyboard with a touchscreen panel (a small but indicative step towards having full screen touchscreen functionality in the future).

Luckily for Apple we weren’t as attached to the function keys as we were to the headphone jack, so this attempt to drag us kicking and screaming into their vision of the future has been far better received.

Plus, it has made it harder to relentlessly drop biscuit crumbs between the keys. Bonus.

2. Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor

Now we’re all used to the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone, this isn’t something we’ll struggle to get our heads round.

Integrated into the power button, the intelligent fingerprint scanner is used to unlock the computer as well as take you to your individual user account if you’re using a shared device.

Not only that, but the touch ID fingerprint scanner can confirm payments. Put simply, it is the drunk-shopping-facilitator we never knew we needed. No longer will we have to fiddle around with our credit card when we want to make impulsive purchases late at night…


3. The Thinnest Ever

As the iPhone continues to get bigger in size, the good people at Apple realised our hands might be getting a little full, and have provided us with the thinnest and lightest MacBook ever. The supermodels of their peer group, if you will.

Available in both silver and space grey, the slightly altered shape (without contouring) allows for mounted speakers, a new flatter keyboard and brand-new hinge mechanisms. Ultimately it is far more transportable.

4. All The Emojis

In case you were worried your laptop was holding back the true potential of your emails and Tinder chat, worry no more.

The ten finger sensitive Touch Bar transforms depending on which app you’re using. So, if you’re sending messages, it allows you to smoothly scroll through and insert emojis directly into your content.

🍏 💻 🍏 💻 🍏 💻 🍏 💻 🍏 💻 🍏 💻 🍏 💻 🍏


5. Faster Gaming

One of the most frustrating things about technology is undoubtedly performance: cast your mind to the spinning wheel of death.

According to Apple, the new launch with its quad-core version of Intel’s i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage on the 15in model, will see 103% faster gaming performance and 76% faster video editing than the previous version.

6. USB Ports

Oh Apple, just when we thought we could put headphone gate behind us, you pull a fast one. We thought you were helping us to declutter our homes with wireless headphones but it seems you were simply clearing space for us to stock all the adaptors and wires we are going to need for this laptop.

The new MacBook has seen Apple remove all trace of a standard USB port, as well as the SD card reader.

Instead it has been replaced by a USB C port – meant to be a one size fits all for charging and connecting to monitors – instead it just means we need a lot more hardware. A laptop with a whole lot of baggage.

And yet, despite all this, we’re still adding one to our Christmas list.

And at a starting price of $1499 (UK prices not yet confirmed) for the 13” without a Touch Bar, and going up to $2399 for the 15” we’re going to need a Christmas miracle to pay for it.

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