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Android 13 Is Named After the Classic Italian Dessert

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Google used to announce a new version of Android with the codename, but that hasn’t happened since Android 10. However, the dessert codenames are still there, and they’re just hidden away. We’ve now learned that Android 13 is codenamed Tiramisu, thanks to some digging.

Now that the Android 13 developer preview is out, the folks at 9To5Google have managed to dig into the operating system to learn some of its secrets. One such secret can be found in the settings menu, and it’s that delicious Tiramisu codename.

In Android 12, Google hid the codename a little better, simply listing the Android version as “S” in the settings. For Android 13, it appears the company didn’t want to make people dig as much since it put the dessert codename right under the Android version section of the About phone part of the settings area.

As the developer preview has only been available for about half a day, we expect that there’s far more to learn aside from what Google announced about the OS. As more people jump into the test on their devices, we might learn some other juicy secrets about exactly what the company has up its sleeve for the latest version of its beloved mobile operating system.

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