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Android 13 Is One Step Closer With New Beta 3 Release

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Google has already released several previews of the next major version of Android, known as Android 13, and now the third beta is now available to download.

Android 13 Beta 3 is now available, marking the start of the update’s “platform stability” phase. This is the last release that should have any significant noticeable changes, as Google will spend the next few months mostly just fixing bugs. Android 13 Beta 3 should closely resemble the final version, which is expected to arrive in August.

Timeline graph, showing June and July as "Platform stability", with a final release after that
Google’s timeline for Android 13 Google

Just like the past few major releases, Android 13 mostly focuses on security and privacy enhancements. There’s a new runtime permission for notifications, so it’s easier for you to reject notifications from certain apps, and access to local files has been split across three new permissions (images/photos, video, and audio). The media player has also been updated, along with other minor design changes.

Android 13 has a few more enhancements for tablets, foldables, and other devices with large screens, building on the features present in Android 12L/Android 12.1 The taskbar at the bottom of the screen on tablets (and maybe some foldables) has more features, and there’s a desktop-like interface that might show up on PCs or other similar devices running Android 13.

Even though the past few Android 13 test releases have had plenty of changes, Google didn’t mention if Beta 3 has any interesting new features. You can try out Beta 3 on any supported Google Pixel phones.

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