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Android 13 Phones Can Run Windows 11, Here’s Why

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A crafty developer managed to get Windows 11 Arm running on Android 13 in a virtual machine on a Pixel 6 smartphone. It’s far from a perfect experience, but it seems to run well enough.

While many of Android 13’s new features seem understated at first glance, the ability to run other operating systems in a virtual machine is quite intriguing. Developer Danny Lin, known as kdrag0n on Twitter, did some testing and found out that Windows 11 Arm would work on Google’s smartphone as long as Android 13 is installed.

According to Lin, Windows 11 is “really usable” on the smartphone, which is relatively surprising. However, there isn’t support for hardware GPU acceleration, which would make it run even better. Obviously, it’s not going to run as smoothly as if the OS was installed natively, but it does seem to work well enough.

As is required whenever you’re testing a device, Lin tried running Doom on the Pixel 6, and it worked. He also managed to get various Linux distributions running on the Pixel 6 through a VM.

This all works because Android 13 on the Pixel 6 supports a new virtualization framework, which is explained in detail by XDA-Developers. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when more people get their hands on Android 13, as the new virtualization framework could lead to some really interesting developments down the line.

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