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Android 13’s Developer Preview Boosts Your Photo Privacy

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Google just launched the Android 13 developer preview, which gave us our first taste of the future of Android. Based on the new features shown so far, the future looks bright (and a bit more private than the present).

Android 13’s developer preview was shown in a detailed blog post by Google. It breaks down everything developers can experience if they install the early Android 13 preview on their devices. One feature that caught our attention is the new Photo picker, which gives you granular control over what photos and videos different apps can access. Instead of granting them access to all or none, you can pick and choose.

There’s also a new Wi-Fi permission option that’ll help minimize the amount of location data apps access, which will help create a more secure experience on your Android device.

Material You is getting a nice change, as app developers can design their icons to work with Google’s theme options. Currently, only Google apps support Material You, but Android 13 will let all app icons change with the look and feel of your device.

There’s a lot more coming to Android 13, as this is just the first look at the OS. It’s also explicitly targeted at app developers, so we should learn more about the actual features for regular users when it gets closer to Android 13 actually launching. As you might expect, Google didn’t announce when the final version of Android 13 would release, but it’ll be a while.

If you want to see all the gritty details, you can read Google’s blog post, which shows off every new thing in Android 13.

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