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Callaway Golf UPRO MX+ GPS Device

GPS Device

Callaway Golf UPRO MX+ GPS Device

Click Here: http://eliteproductreview.com/golfgps Callaway upro mx+ introduces a new standard in Golf GPS devices, providing you with detailed course insight…
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What are the necessary features in a GPS device?

I am buying a GPS for my car and this is my first time doing that. So I am totally clueless what to look for. Wondering what additional features ,beside the main functionality, are out there in different brands so that I could select a device based on my needs. I am looking for features like line assistance, recency of the map database, or anything else that you may think matter when buying a GPS device,

Thanks everyone

GPS Device best answer:

Answer by Mr Sid
to be honest without you saying how much you can afford, i would say get as much as you can pay for.

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