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What Is the “Screen Door Effect” in VR?

leungchopan/Shutterstock.com The “screen door effect” often occurs when using modern virtual reality headsets. It looks like you’re viewing the world through a mesh screen, and is a result of the black, empty spaces between pixels when seen up close. What ...

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How to Disable Motion Smoothing on a Sony TV

Some newer Sony TVs have a built-in feature Sony calls “Motionflow,” which is Sony’s implementation of motion smoothing, and can make your TV’s image too smooth. What Is Motionflow Anyway? Motionflow works by increasing the framerate of the content you’re watching. ...

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Bluetooth 5.1: What’s New and Why It Matters

Bluetooth SIG Bluetooth 5.1 brings new “direction-finding” features that will let Bluetooth devices pinpoint physical location to the centimeter, aiding in indoor positioning. This latest version includes features that will make for more reliable Bluetooth connections, too. Bluetooth Devices Can ...

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How to Sign Up for Vizio’s AirPlay Beta

Vizio At CES 2019, many TV manufacturers announced built-in Apple AirPlay for their TVs. Vizio promised many existing TVs going back to 2016 would receive these features, too. Now, you can join the beta and get AirPlay early. AirPlay will ...

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How to Safely Buy Photography Gear Online

Buying online is always a risk. Anyone anywhere can list something for sale, and there’s often no recourse should a problem arise. Even big marketplaces like Amazon—with tens of thousands of sellers—aren’t immune to counterfeits and scams. Photographers spend billions ...

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