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Channel Your Inner Jony Ive With This iPhone Designer Game

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Since 2007, Apple has treated us to a yearly tradition, the release of the new iPhone model. Steve Jobs or Tim Cook plays the proverbial Santa Claus to show us all the fun new toys we’ll get if we were good girls and boys this year—or have $1,000+ ready to spend.

But this year, you can know what it’s like to step out onto the keynote stage in a black turtle neck and show the world what they’ll be waiting in line for in September. Game programmer Neal Agarwal has launched “Design the Next iPhone” on his appropriately named website: Neal.Fun.

The game is simple. You get a generic iPhone model to play with and a ribbon of components to drag onto it like LEGO Bricks. You can add the standard iPhone gear such as cameras, buttons, lightning ports, notches, and more. But the real fun comes in adding stuff Apple would never put on their flagship mobile device. Things like old-school cell phone antennas, joysticks, D-pads, iPod click wheels, rotary dials, steering wheels, and copter blades. (No, there’s no UBC-C port, sorry).

When you finish making the iPhone of your dreams (or nightmares), you can export a short MP4 video of your creation slowly spinning with the price hanging above the phone. Players are already having a field day with the game, of course. Replies to Agarwal’s tweet announcing the game are filled with themed iPhones ranging from Transformers to McDonald’s, as well as absurdist designs with dozens of cameras and even ones that look like little robots.

None of this will end up in the One More Thing segment of the September 7th keynote. But, you can still bust out your black turtleneck and play along.

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