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Chrome 60 for Android Brings New Search Widget, Payment Options, and More


  • The stable release for desktop version was released last week
  • Search widget allows users to search for URLs from default Chrome engine
  • Users will now be able to opt for payment service of their choice

Google has released Chrome v60 browser for Android and with the update, the search giant has added a new search widget, Paint Timing API, and new payment options for users. While Chrome 60 was released in the stable channel for Mac, Windows, and Linux last week, the latest version has now been released for Android as well.

With the new search widget, users can search for URLs and enter Web addresses manually just by tapping on the widget. The search will be performed by the default search engine selected by the user in the Chrome browser. This introduction from Google comes after the search giant was fined in Russia by an antitrust regulator in the country with the aim to protect local competition.

Users will additionally be able to choose the payment service that is used with the Chrome browser instead of sticking to a default option. While Samsung browser was earlier linked with Samsung Payand Chrome browser was linked with Android Pay, users will now get the option to choose their payment service.

The introduction of Paint Timing API means that the browser will now mark the point when it starts to render something, the first bit of content on the screen, Chrome Developer Advocate Pete LePage saidin a post. Additionally, a new fonts display property allows users to control how the fonts are rendered before they are downloaded.

While the Web Integration API, the webpages received the ability to vibrate smartphones, however, Chrome 60 ensures that annoying advertisements will not be causing the devices to vibrate unnecessarily, Android Police says. While Chrome 60 update is currently not showing up for us yet in Google Play, it should be made available soon.

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