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Chromecast adds support for Comedy Central, TuneIn, Epix and more


Google has announced that their Chromecast media streaming dongle will now support seven new channels including Comedy Central, Sesame Street Go, Nickelodeon, TuneIn, Epix, YuppTV and Encore Play. This recent slew of media content allows users to access hit TV shows such as South Park, The Daily Show and the infectiously charming Spongebob Squarepants.

Additionally, the TuneIn app supports over 100.000 radio stations whilst having an extensive line-up of podcasts on demand. The topics range from local news reports to coverage of mainstream sporting events so there should be something to suit your individual tastes.

The success of streaming devices predominantly revolves around the amount of programming on offer and how diverse the lineup is. Google has already acquired a massive catalog including most popular streaming services and many niche ones. One notable exception is Amazon Instant Video, which is a shame given the the growing amount of exclusive content made for this particular platform. Not so long ago, you could access the service via the Primecast app but this exploit was removed only 36 hours after being launched. Hopefully, Google can reach an agreement with Amazon in a bid to bring the company’s new shows to more devices.

The move will help Google entice more people to get the Chromecast just in time for the holidays. At only $35, the device is an affordable proposition compared to the Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, but it’s getting its fair share of competition from the $40 Amazon Fire TV Stick and $50 Roku Streaming Stick.

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