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Does the S Pen keep you coming back to the Galaxy Note line?

One of the more common reactions to the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 8 recently was that it looked a lot like the Galaxy S8+, and, even more so, was basically the same phone with a slightly larger display. There are a few important tweaks and differences, though, including the dual camera setup on the Galaxy Note 8, and Samsung’s newest flagship phone does have more RAM than the Galaxy S8+. But, for the most part, the two devices are very, very similar.

But the Galaxy Note 8 costs at least $100 more.

The hardware differences are distinct, especially the change in camera systems on the back of the Galaxy Note 8, but the increase in RAM is probably not something worth writing home about. The truth is, while Samsung is probably more than willing to charge more for the dual cameras on the back of the Galaxy Note 8, and that’s probably where some of the price hike comes from, it more than likely comes down mostly on the included stylus.

After all, the S Pen is basically the biggest differentiator between any of Samsung’s other smartphones and the Galaxy Note lineup. The stylus is one of the best things Samsung has created, made better by the software that the company includes with the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone (and tablets, technically). The S Pen does indeed make using the Galaxy Note 8 easier in a lot of ways, especially if you like to, or have to, take notes on your phone.

My time with various Galaxy Note smartphones has always been well-received on my end. I’m a fan of the S Pen. I think it does add quite a bit of worthwhile functionality to the handset it is coupled with. And I’m glad that Samsung hasn’t decided to separate the Galaxy Note smartphone (or tablets) from the S Pen and charge people separately for it.

Of course, customers do pay a bit of a premium for the Galaxy Note smartphone, and it’s probably mostly due to the S Pen, but at least this year Galaxy Note 8 owners also get dual rear cameras and a bit more RAM compared to the Galaxy S8+.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the S Pen and the Galaxy Note 8. Do you think it’s worth paying more for the new smartphone compared to the Galaxy S8+, whether it’s due to the rear camera system or the S Pen? Are you a big fan of Samsung’s stylus, and is that why you stick with the Galaxy Note lineup? Let me know!

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