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Google Is Testing an Even Darker Dark Mode

Google homepage in dark mode.

Google recently added a dark mode to Search, much to the excitement of many users. Now, the company appears to be testing an even darker dark mode, making the search screen appear pitch black instead of gray.

9To5Google first spotted the new dark mode, but it appears to only be available for a small subset of Google users (I have dark mode enabled, but the new pitch-black theme isn’t there for me).

The original dark mode was gray, which was soothing on the eyes, but the new one really darkens things up by using true black (#000000 Hex code). For users with OLED and AMOLED screens, this new theme will look even better, as those displays can push darker blacks than other monitors.

The contrast is quite a bit more noticeable with the pitch-black theme, but it may actually provide a little too much disparity when compared to the gray one.

Obviously, which one you like better is entirely subjective, but it’s nice to see Google giving us options for creating a look and feel that’s comfortable.

Turning on Dark Mode on Google.com is easy enough, and if you do, you can check to see whether you have the darker dark mode available.

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