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Google Photos Unlimited Storage Returns, but Only On T-Mobile

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Google Photos offered free unlimited photo storage for several years, especially when you bought a Pixel phone. Eventually, Google changed the plans as storage demands increased, and in 2021, unlimited photo storage disappeared completely. Now, it’s back, but only on T-Mobile.

At this point, none of Google’s new products come with unlimited free Photos storage, even with the reduced high-quality option. Moreover, you can’t even buy an unlimited Google One plan.

However, last year Google and T-Mobile started working together on messaging, cloud storage, and a few other bundles, and apparently, that partnership went well. That’s because today, as spotted by 9to5Google, unlimited Google Photos storage is “coming soon” for T-Mobile subscribers and at a pretty affordable price point.

Google One photos storage on T-Mobile

Soon, those on T-Mobile can buy a Google One 2TB plan that includes unlimited Google Photos storage at the full image and video quality, not reduced quality, all for only $15 per month. Currently, there’s no Google One plan with this.

Right now, for any customer, the 2TB Google One storage option is $9.99, but that comes at reduced quality, and you’ll have to share that 2TB across all Google Drives, Gmail, photos, videos, documents, and more. With T-Mobile’s new plan, you get 2TB for all of that, on top of unlimited Google Photos cloud storage.

Reading over the fine print, this new T-Mobile Google One unlimited plan still comes with the usual Google One perks, like backup and restore, Google’s VPN, Photos editing tools, and everything else you’d expect. However, the full resolution unlimited photos and video storage is only for the primary account holder, while the 2TB of storage can be shared with up to five other people.

As of right now, no plan like this exists from Google. That said, 1-2TB should be enough for most people, but power users will appreciate being able to use all 2TB for Gmail and Drive, then still enjoy the unlimited photo and video backups. I’m surprised Google brought back unlimited storage at all.

via 9to5Google

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