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Google’s Improved iPhone Reaction in Messages Are Here

Google's header image for its Messages update

Google just announced many updates coming to its apps on Android, including the feature that’ll make those pesky iPhone reactions appear as emoji rather than individual messages.

For the new feature that improves iPhone to Android messaging, Google said, “Reactions from iPhone users will now appear as emoji on text messages—just like when you’re messaging with someone using an Android device.”

When an iPhone user reacts to a message, you’ll no longer see a separate message saying they reacted to it. Instead, you’ll see an emoji attached to the individual message. This is one of the most significant issues when texting from Android to iPhone, which is a considerable improvement.

Additionally, Google is making it so everyone can enjoy videos in full resolution when shared as Google Photos links inside the conversation. This is another issue with iPhone to Android messaging that’s taken care of.

Google also outlined other changes coming to Messages, including the ability to sort your messages into Personal and Business tabs, a feature that automatically deletes one-time password messages after 24 hours, nudges to reply to messages, and birthday reminders.

Outside of Messages, Google will add a grammar checker to Gboard that works on-device to make sure you’re getting your points across without grammatical errors.

The Photos app on Android is getting Portrait Blur for pets, food, and plants, allowing you to create more dynamic photos.

There are also highlights for Google TV, the ability to for parking with Google Assistant, a screen time widget, and plenty of other updates coming to Android soon.

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