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How to Adjust Volume for Individual Apps on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Windows PCs allow you to adjust the volume for specific apps, but that’s not really a thing on smartphones. That is unless you have a Samsung Galaxy device and you know where to look. We’ll show you how.

“Good Lock” is a suite of add-ons that can extend the functionality of your Samsung Galaxy device. The aptly named “Sound Assistant” add-on is all about customizing audio-related features. One of its best features is allowing you to control the volume for individual apps.

The first thing to do is download Good Lock from the Galaxy Store. After it’s installed, open it and go to the “Family” tab. This is where you’ll see “Sound Assistant,” and you can tap the download icon.

That will take you to the download page for the add-on in the Galaxy Store. Tap “Install” to proceed.

Tap "Install."

Now you can go back to Good Lock and open “Sound Assistant.”

Go to "Sound Assistant."

Select “Individual App Volumes.”

Select "Individual App Volumes."

We’ll start by adding the apps you’d like to individually control. Tap the floating plus button in the bottom right corner.

Tap the floating plus button in the bottom right corner.

Select all the apps you want to control and tap “Add.”

Select apps and tap "Add."

You can control the individual volumes right from this screen, but if you want easier access, we’ll need to go a little deeper.

Control volume.

Go back to the Sound Assistant settings and select “Customize Volume Panel.”

Select "Customize Volume Panel."

Tap “Custom” and then switch to the “Expanded Panel” tab.

Go to the "Expanded Panel" tab.

Lastly, make sure “App Volume” is selected. This will add a slider in the volume menu for the apps you selected earlier when they are active.

Make sure "App Volume" is selected

That’s all there is for the setup; let’s put it to use. While playing audio with one of the apps you selected, press a volume key on your Samsung Galaxy device. Select the three-dot icon at the top of the volume controls to expand it.

Simply use the sliders to adjust the volume for the desired app!

Slide the volume for the app.

That’s it! This is a really nifty feature that you won’t find on many other smartphones. Some apps are simply not on the same volume level as others and this is a way to fix that. Samsung Galaxy phones are loaded with tons of features out of the box, but sometimes you need a little more. That’s where Good Lock comes in.

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