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How to Find the User Manual for an Android Phone

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Everyone needs some help with their phone sometimes. Usually, a web search will point you in the right direction, but a user manual is a nice thing to have too. We’ll show you how to find one for your phone.

Some Android phones don’t come with power cables anymore, but they almost all still include user manuals in the box. However, you wouldn’t be the first person to toss the manual along with the box. So where else can you find it?

Find the Manual on Your Device

First, we recommend looking on your Android device itself. Many phones include links to the user manual or the official website where you can find it.

For example, on a Samsung Galaxy device, go to Settings > Tips and Help > Help.

Go to the "Help" section.

This will bring you to a digital manual for your specific device. You can look through the different sections or do a search at the top for what you’re looking for.

Samsung online manual.

The process is similar on Google Pixel phones. On a Pixel, go to Settings > Tips & Support.

Go to "Tips and Support."

This will take you to a general Pixel Help website. You can look through the sections of popular help resources or do a search for a specific problem.

Pixel online help.

Find the Manual Online

If your device doesn’t have a help section, you can find the user manual online pretty easily. You’ll just want to make sure you search for it correctly and follow official sources.

On your favorite search engine, search for the full product name on and “user manual,” as shown in the image below.

Find the manual with a web search.

Next, look for the official website from the phone manufacturers. In this case, oneplus.com is the top result, so you should go there. If you can’t find the manufacturer’s website, mobile carriers will also be good sources.

That’s all there is to it, really. Thankfully, Android allows you to search in the Settings app, which makes it easier to find things without a manual. We’ve also got plenty of how-to guides right here to help you get the most out of your Android device (?).

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