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How to Remove Samsung Free From the Galaxy S22 Home Screen

Galaxy S22 Ultra.
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“Samsung Free” is the company’s content aggregator. It aims to serve up news articles, podcasts, videos, and games, all for free—hence the name. It’s included on some Galaxy S22 devices. We’ll show you how to remove it.

The default Samsung home screen launcher on the Galaxy S22 series has a “media page” on the left-most page of the home screen. On some models, it’s Google Discover, on others it’s Samsung Free. The steps below will remove the page no matter which one is enabled on your particular device.

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Remove Samsung Free on the Home Screen

The first method we’ll use takes place on the home screen itself. Tap and hold a blank space on the home screen.

Long press the home screen.

The home screen will zoom out and you can swipe over to the left-most page, which is Samsung Free.

Swipe over to the left-most page.

Simply toggle the switch at the top of the page off. You may also have the option to switch to “Google Discover” if you would prefer.

Turn off the page.

Remove Samsung Free from the Settings

The second method is from the Settings app. First, swipe down once from the top of the screen to open the Quick Settings and tap the gear icon.

Next, go to the “Home Screen” section.

Go to "Home Screen."

From here you can remove the page by toggling off “Add Media Page to Home Screen.”

Toggle off "Add Media to Home Screen."

If you’d like to switch it to Google Discover, tap “Add Media Page to Home Screen” and then swap to Discover on the next screen.

Go to the "Media Page" settings and switch to Discover.

That’s it! Samsung Free (or Google Discover) will no longer be on your home screen. Simply repeat these steps if you’d ever like to bring it back. Samsung devices offer a lot of customization and sometimes that means turning features off.

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