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How to Set Up Android’s Guest Mode

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Phones are extremely personal devices that contain things you probably don’t want just anyone to see. Some Android devices have a “Guest” mode so you can hand off your phone and not have to worry about what they’ll find.

Note: Setting up Guest accounts will vary depending on which Android device you have. The process for Google Pixel phones will most closely mimic the method on other Android devices.

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Guest Mode on Google Pixel
Guest Mode on Samsung Galaxy

Guest Mode on Google Pixel

To get started, swipe down twice from the top of the screen to expand the Quick Settings panel. Tap the gear icon.

Scroll down and select “System.”

Select "System."

Now go to “Multiple Users.”

Go to "Multiple Users."

The first thing we’ll do is simply toggle on the switch to allow “Use Multiple Users.”

Turn on "Use Multiple Users."

Next, tap “Add Guest.”

Tap "Add Guest."

A guest profile has now been created. From here, you can switch to the account, enable phone calls for the guest profile, or remove it.

Guest options.

An easier way to switch profiles is from the expanded Quick Settings panel. You’ll see a new user icon between the power and settings icons.

A menu will appear and you can select “Guest.”

Switch to "Guest."

Guest Mode on Samsung Galaxy

Samsung, unfortunately, only supports guest mode on Galaxy tablets, not smartphones. To get started, open the Settings and go to “Accounts and Backup.”

Go to "Accounts and Backup."

Next, make sure multiple users are toggled on and tap “Guest.”

Toggle it on and tap "Guest."

A guest profile has now been created. You can switch to it right now or remove it from this screen.

Guest options.

The easier way to launch the guest profile is to open the Quick Settings panel and tap the user icon.

Now select “Guest” and you’ll be brought into the guest profile.

Tap "Guest."

That’s all there is to guest profiles on Android. If your phone or tablet supports the feature, it’s super easy to use. Unfortunately, not every device does support it. There are other ways to give people access to your device without free reign.

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