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Is there a perfect spot for a secondary display?

Rumor has it that LG is planning on ditching the secondary display in the V30, the upcoming flagship high-end phone the company will launch before the end of 2017. This one particular feature is probably not enough to get a vast majority of people to adopt the V-series, but it certainly made the device stand out — even when compared to the G-series, another high-end device LG launches earlier in the year.

I’ve already written about whether or not LG should get rid of the secondary display altogether. I don’t think they should. Unless LG is just going to move the V-series into the bigger screen demographic, and simply have that be the differentiator between it and the flagship G-series, that secondary display was the only thing making it stand out in the first place.

So, maybe LG should move the secondary display.

Up to this point, that secondary screen has been above the main display, just a small bar that’s at the very tip-top of the phone. For a big smartphone that might make it a bit difficult to access for some users, which could be why some owners might not use it, even if they would if it were more easily accessible. Going below the main display might work, but that doesn’t seem to be an option (and might bring back memories of the Samsung Continuum, for better or worse).

What about the back of the phone? Meizu isn’t the first to come up wit the idea, but the company did just announce a pair of new phones that feature a two-inch Super AMOLED display on the back of the handsets. The size of the secondary display, and its placement, makes it seem worthwhile for Meizu’s handsets.

Could it work for LG? There’d be the obvious, “You’re copying Meizu!” Feedback, but they could simply come up with a different placement for the display to at least stave off some of it. Will it eve work for Meizu? Are secondary displays worthwhile in the slightest?

That’s probably the bigger question worth asking. One could argue that Meizu Pro 7 owners won’t have to flip over their phone to see a notification, thanks to the display on the back. But was that really an issue? Was that a problem that needed fixing?

Maybe LG is onto something after all if it really is removing the secondary display from the V30. Meizu’s implementation seems interesting enough, but maybe it is more of a gimmick than anything else, and, eventually, many owners won’t use it at all.

Where do you stand on the idea of a secondary display? Should LG figure out a new way to implement the feature in the V30, or should they kill it off for good? Do you like Meizu’s idea for the feature? Let me know!

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