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LG bet it all on mods with the G5, but its “Friends” ecosystem hasn’t been a winner, and the company hasn’t released further modules to help build the range and entice us. LG will really have to blow the competition out of the water with its next flagship phone, which we expect will be called the G6. However, rumors are spreading the modular system will be dropped.

Here’s everything we think we know about the LG G6.

Water resistance over modules and a removable battery?

LG’s Friends range of modules for the G5 didn’t catch on, despite being an unusual feature with plenty of potential. This lack of success may mean LG drops the feature for the G6. Instead, it may add water resistance to the G6. Companies that supply waterproof adhesives are apparently bidding for the job of keeping the wet stuff out of the G6, according to ET News.

Sealing up the phone means not having removable sections for new modules or a replacement battery, another aspect that made the G5 standout from the competition. Previously, ET News reported that LG is not building modular components for the G6, and did not add them to the LG V20. The Japanese version of the V20, named the Isai Beat locally, included water resistance, but not the removable battery — two features that can’t work together.

It may not be the end for LG Friends, and LG has said it is not abandoning the modular ecosystem, according to CNET. Perhaps LG will return with a stronger range for the G7, or a spin-off range only for modules. It’s speculation for now, but should LG drop modules for the next major releases, it will be a blow to LG consumers that own the G5 as it would mean they spent money on supplementary products that aren’t reusable with future devices.

Iris scanner

Following reports of an LG Pay mobile payments system, LG may introduce heightened security on the G6, in the form of an iris scanner. LG Innotek, a division of LG that produces components and other technology, has shown a traditional double-camera iris scanner, and a new single module with an iris scanner and a selfie camera inside, at a recent technology show.

This has prompted rumors LG may take one of the modules and integrate it into the G6, although LG Innotek has issued a statement saying no deal exists. The company supplies components to many manufacturers.

MST payments

If there’s one feature Samsung has a leg up on compared to Google, LG, Apple, and other smartphone competitors, it’s Samsung Pay. Where other mobile payment solutions use NFC, or near field communication, to offer a tap-and-pay experience, Samsung uses Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST). This means it replicates a card swipe — so it works wherever you can use your credit card.

That’s far better than looking for NFC terminals. LG is now rumored to be adding MST technology into the G6 to offer a similar payment service to rival Samsung, according to ET News. The company was supposed to launch LG Pay at the start of the year, but the plans were scrapped. We may see it for the first time on the G6.

Release date

If previous release dates are any indication, it’s likely we’ll see an unveiling of the G6 in February 2017 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We’ll continue to update this post as we learn more information about the rumored device.

Article originally published on 10-28-2016. Updated on 12-06-2016 by Andy Boxall: Added in rumors of water resistance and the end of modules on the G6

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