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Moto G8 Plus Review | Worth the upgrade?

Reviewing Motorola’s new Moto G8 Plus, one of the best budget smartphones of 2019, after a week of personal use. Here’s how it stacks up against other cheap phones for speed, battery life, camera smarts, features and everyday shenanigans.

While the Moto G8 Plus isn’t a massive upgrade over the older G7 handset, it’s still easy to recommend at £239 UK. Motorola has upgraded the camera tech to make it even better for everyday photography, although the video chops could use some love (despite that Action Cam mode). Gaming on the likes of PubG Mobile is also perfectly possible thanks to the speedy Snapdragon 665 chipset, although only on low detail.

Battery life is one of the biggest assets of the Moto G8 Plus, thanks to the mighty 4000mAh cell and efficient stock Android OS. I also like the new design, despite the lack of iconic circular camera sensor.

After using the Motorola G8 Plus for a full week, I’d heartily recommend is as one of the best cheap mobiles right now. Check out my unboxing and full camera review for more on this budget blower.

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