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Netflix Flixtape is a nostalgic nod to mixtape playlists


Netflix has announced a brand new service that allows you to create a playlist of your favourite movies and TV shows.

Flixtape is Netflix’s attempt at those old mix tapes you had as a youth (unless you are a youth now, in which case you were born with CDs and MP3s). You can add up to six shows or movies you plan to watch and let the binge watching begin.

Once you have curated a playlist, you can name it and then share it with friends and family over social media, allowing those who watch a lot of TV to share their Netflix expertise more easily. So there’s absolutely no excuse to avoid House of Cards any longer.

If coming up with a name seems like a lot of hassle, or even the playlist content itself is too taxing, Netflix can generate a Flixtape playlist for you. Examples include ‘Wish I was British’, ‘Cartoons for Grown Ups’ and ‘Supernatural Stuff’, the contents of which you can probably guess.

Once you have picked a theme, Netflix then populates your list with shows, which you can add to or remove any or all of the suggestions before you crack open the popcorn and chill. It is even possible to customise the cover of your Flixtape, just like you could with a cassette tape, for a more personal touch.

Sadly Flixtape only allows you to create lists of TV shows in general, so no scope to pick out individual episodes just yet, but maybe in the future. Head to Flixtape.Netflix.com to make yours.

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