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Nvidia launches Shield Tablet built for gamers

Nvidia today expanded its Shield family of products with the Shield tablet and a Shield wireless controller. Powered by Nvidia’s Tegra K1 processor, the Shield tablet is said to be designed for gaming that can take advatange of Tegra K1’s 192 GPU cores.

It boasts an 8-inch Full HD display for immersive gaming, optional LTE support, stylus support with DirectStylus 2 and improved GameStream technology, Nvidia GRID, ShadowPlay and Twitch. The tablet also features Console mode that enables gaming on a larger screen.

The Shield Wireless controller is claimed to be an advanced controller with low Wi-Fi latency and is designed for PC game streaming and Android gaming. It also comes with a headset jack, built-in touch pad, volume control and voice command and search.

The Shield tablet will sell in Wi-Fi and LTE variants with storage capacity of 16GB and 32GB and starting price of $299. The Shield controller will go for $59.

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