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Pay Attention: 10 Sneaky Charges on Your Cell Phone Bill

Ever take a look at your cell phone bill and wonder how that low monthly payment all of a sudden became a painfully large chunk of change? For many, this may be an all too familiar situation.

According to Forbes, an average consumer may end up paying $225 more per year over their original service payment. Extra hidden fees and taxes slowly creep up on customers and many are left wondering what exactly they are paying for.

Depending on your service provider, you can expect to see a combination of most of these taxes and fees which are usually found on the bottom of the bill, some are government mandated and others are not.

As a consumer, knowing what exactly you are paying for is half the battle, understanding why you’re paying for them is the other. With extra charges are continuing to rise, it is time to uncover the 10 sneaky charges on your cell phone bill that you should watch out for: Continue reading to learn more.

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