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PikPok teases new basketball game


Screenshot from PikPok Games’ new basketball game, to be released later this month.

Wellington-based mobile developer and publisher PikPok Games is teasing a new basketball game, which will release later this month.

Last week, the studio published an image on Instagram depicting a basketball with the PikPok logo, along with the caption, “From the makers of Flick Kick Football Legends (aka, us!) comes a new #basketball game! Stay tuned for more details on this October release…”

This morning, PikPok followed up with a short video from the game, also posted on Instagram. It’s only a few seconds long, but it shows a basketball game in action, from a first-person perspective of one the players. The baller in question has the option of passing or shooting, and proceeds to fire a three-point shot over one of the defenders.

From this video, it looks like the new game will be a fully fledged, team-based basketball game, rather than the free throw- or slam dunk-centric efforts of most mobile takes on the sport (including PikPok’s own Slam Dunk King). We’ll bring you more information as it comes to hand.

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