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Run to the top of the list with RankRunner


If you are a competitive runner or someone who just runs because you enjoy running, RankRunner is worth a look but it still has some issues. This free universal app runs on iOS 7.0 or later and will give you an idea how your training and race results stack up against other runners worldwide.

The app uses an algorithm to determine your ranking against others RankRunner users around the world. The algorithm provides a ranking for every user between 1 and 10,000 with 1 being the very top performance available based on how much you train, the level of difficulty of the training plus your participation and results in official races.

Once you enter a profile you can start tracking all your training runs. RankRunner uses the GPS in your device to measure the distance and time of your runs. This information is stored and with the first run you receive an international tracking. In addition to your distance and time, the app includes local weather information, the pace of your effort and elevation increases. As you run in official races those results can also be uploaded and stored to increase your ranking.


You can search other runners on the site if you know their names. Users can also apply to join existing groups of runners or start your own group and invite friends and other runners to join you. Once in a group you can share your training achievements and race results with others and see how they are doing. And like other social media outlets, users can follow others and receive notifications about their results. Right now the app appears to be Euro-centric with most of the groups located in European locations and the same holds true for individual runners. However I did identify some American users and would expect those numbers to increase as the app becomes more well known and popular.


The normal setting for distance is in kilometers instead of miles, however every time I tried changing the measurement the app crashed. That wasn’t the only issue I ran into as I explored the app. RankRunner includes a database of races that is searchable by race name, location, date and distance. It offers past races and supposedly official upcoming races. However, I ran into a problem similar to what I saw with changing the distance measurement. Every time I tried setting a race distance to search the app crashes. I did a local search of Las Vegas and found lots of past races but when I tried to find any official upcoming races in the next year nothing showed up. I got similar “No results” messages when I did the same search in California over the next year and even a search by name for the Boston Marathon.


RankRunner has a few software bugs to be worked on but overall I think the app is still useful. Users can track their training, form groups of like-minded runners, share info amongst group members, and keep track of just how they are doing in comparison to other runners. Users can also get additional information about the app and the tools included at rankrunner.com.

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