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Send Us The Most Black Mirror Moment of 2017 And We Might Send You to Vegas


The fourth season of Black Mirror comes to Netflix on December 29, and I’m pretty damn excited to dig into the not-too-distant-future dystopian stories that are going to give me nightmares well into the new year. Because let’s be clear: Black Mirror is an incredible show, but it changes you.

“This is so Black Mirror” is a common refrain among the show’s fans, and it applies to more and more things every day. Live trivia app sweeping the nation? People choosing to purchase devices for their homes that will listen to their every word? Delivery by drone? So Black Mirror.

So, here’s a proposition: Tell us what you think the most real-lifeBlack Mirror moment of 2017 was. If yours is our fave, we’ll send you on an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas from January 9-12. I’m talking airfare, hotel, and access to our CES concert event. There’s just one catch: We’re going to give you one more Black Mirror moment in the process. During your trip, you’ll have to hand over your phone,so we can get access to your apps, notes, and, well, everything else, for 24 hours. Oh, we’ll also be following you around with a photographer and documenting your trip. Hey, what’s the worst that could happen? You might get a “free” trip! All you have to do is give away a little privacy…

So check out the Terms & Conditions, fill out the form below them, and may the best true dystopian tale win. We’ve provided a helpful submission counter, so you can keep an eye on how many people you’re competing with.


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