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Stunning iPhone X Video and Photos Surface Online


While we’re still a few weeks out from seeing Apple’s hot new iPhone X flagship hit pre-order channels, we’ve nevertheless seen tons of renders and marketing material showcasing the gorgeous new thin-bezeled device.

Of course, while the majority of what we’ve seen since Apple officially unveiled the iPhone X last month has come from the company, it appears that some lucky people have already gotten their hands on the tenth-anniversary device, and they’ve graciously opted to share those beautiful hands-on spy shots, along with a short-but-sweet, 10-second video, with us today.

First up is the video, which was uploaded to Reddit over the weekend by user anonymousdave52, and offers us a short-but-sweet look at the glass-sandwich flagship on all sides.

There are, of course, a couple of things worth noting from this video, and the first is that while it’s arguably short and to-the-point, the Redditor does give us a fairly decent look at the iPhone X from both the front and back sides.

Also, this just so happens to be one of the first times we’ve seen the iPhone X “in the wild” — as in, not front-and-center in an Apple marketing video — which is particularly interesting as it gives us a fresher perspective of what the device will look like in-hand.

One last thing to point out about this video is that the iPhone X’s front-facing sensor notch — which will house the phone’s earpiece, TrueDepth Face ID camera, and front-facing sensor array — doesn’t appear to be quite as pronounced as most of us thought it would be. As a matter of fact, BGR points out, some people who’ve seen the iPhone X in person attest that the notch is “much less distracting and noticeable in person than it is in pictures,” which is certainly promising for those who were concerned that the notch would take up too much screen space.

And finally, speaking of pictures — the same Redditor was back later in the weekend, and published a nice little slideshow of up-close and personal pics of the iPhone X, offering the most detailed images of the handset’s lock-screen, home screen, and rear-chassis that we’ve seen to date. Interestingly, the notch in these images below appears much more pronounced than it does in the video, however that could also be due to the angle and proximity at which the photos were taken.

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