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Microsoft HoloLens Processor Specifications Revealed

Today Microsoft has revealed more details and specifications regards their new augmented and virtual reality HoloLens headset which is available to purchase for $3,000. Specifically detailing internal hardware which was previously been secretly withheld. During the Hot Chips conference in ...

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LIFT Levitating Smartwatch Charger

Levitation Works has this week unveiled a very unique smartwatch charger they have created, in the form of the LIFT. Which allows your smartwatch to magically hover above the charging pad. Check out the video below to learn more about ...

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Facebook throws shade at Snapchat’s anti

“They’re going to hit some challenges and marketers are gonna start to ask questions when they get out of the experimental budget phase”, Facebook’s head of ad tech said about Snapchat today. While Facebook tries to collect as much data ...

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