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La Fabrique, launched into Fashion Tech

The fashion school wants to be a laboratory, where students become familiar with new technologies. The training must above all stir curiosity and a certain taste for digital innovations. “Back in 2015, when we wanted to take the turn of ...

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Textile: the recycling boom

They all have this word in mouth: recycling. Beyond so-called ethical brands, the fashion giants are also getting involved. H&M or Uniqlo go even further in their approach by collecting directly their used clothes in shops. Faced with critizisms about ...

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Three questions to Jeanne Vicerial

Design and innovation, these are two concepts that broke in the world of fashion today. Jeanne Vicerial, PhD student at SACRe (Paris Sciences & Letters (PSL) research university Paris), is working on a applied design thesis in research and innovation, ...

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