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The Best Cord Organizers

Three different photos of different cord holders used to hold charger cords and extension cords.

Let’s be honest, seeing a bunch of cords lying around isn’t pleasant or convenient. Cords can be easy to lose or damage, too. Cord organizers can solve this issue! Just put them where you need them to keep your cords organized and held in place. Here are some we recommend.

Buying Guide for Cord Organizers

A cord organizer with a magnetic plate covered in fabric.

Why buy a cord organizer?

Extension cords, USB cables, and chargers tend to tangle and intertwine, which can look and feel annoying in your workspace or home. They can quickly clutter your room, creating an unattractive and potentially hazardous situation. Cord organizers establish a safe and orderly place for the cords to be, eliminating the nuisance and irritation caused by tangled or ubiquitous cords.

What should you look for in a cord organizer? 

  • Usage: If you’re looking to organize outdoor extension cords in the garage, for example, you’ll need a cord holder that can handle heavier, bulkier cords. On the other hand, if you want to reserve a location in the home where multiple family members can charge their mobile phones in an organized manner, you’ll want to look at smaller organizers. Some cord holders are versatile and can even be used as toothbrush holders.
  • Style: Even objects as small as cord organizers can have style. Do you want more color in your life, or do you appreciate the simple look of a practical or hideable cord holder?

How much can you expect to spend on a set of cord organizers? 

The cost will ultimately depend on the number of cords that you have to organize and the design you go for. Since there are different designs involving magnets, adhesives, Velcro, or other fastening strategies or designs, there will be some variation in price. Fortunately, most are inexpensive and only around $10-$20.

Our Pick for the Best Cord Organizers

Pros: These cord holders include five designs: single, small double, large double, triple, and five slots. The variety allows for better cord management. Say you want to keep your desk better organized; a triple-slot cord holder can help you keep track of your computer, second monitor, and phone charger all in one place. The adhesive pads hold up well and can be removed without leaving residue or peeling off paint.

Cons: You have to wait 24 hours for the adhesive to form a strong bond, which will require a little patience on your end. Also, larger cords may not fit well into the holders.

Bottom Line: These cord holders will make your life a lot simpler by eliminating the clutter around your desk. They offer a lot of variety and help you keep things organized.


Pros: Do you want to add a little more variety and color to your daily routine? This cable holder comes in four different colors, including pink, beige, grey, and teal. It can accommodate the most common cords like mobile phone chargers and computer power cords. The wrangler also makes use of a powerful magnet to ensure that your cords stay in place even when you unplug your devices.

Cons: It has limitations on how many cords it can hold at once. It’s not great for large cables due to the small size of the magnet. It will also take up more space on your desktop than other options.

Bottom Line: This magnetic holder ensures that you won’t lose track of your cords. Since it comes in several unique color options, you can brighten up your office while you organize it.


Pros: These self-adhesive cord holders are suitable to use for wires and cables with a maximum diameter of 0.26 inches. In other words, they allow you to secure your computer cables, USB cables, TV cables, holiday lights, and more. The adhesive won’t leave behind residue, and they’ll be useful in bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, and vehicles.

Cons: The adhesive isn’t the strongest. For best results, use these clips with lighter cords on flat and clean surfaces and insert the cords two hours after the holders are applied.

Bottom Line: These adhesive cord holders are durable, resilient, and versatile. You’ll get a lot, so use them to keep your computer cords, phone cords, and holiday lights in place.


Pros: This nylon strap allows you to secure and organize your larger cables, including indoor or outdoor extension cords, hoses that attach to washing machines, generator wires, coaxial cables, and more. The size of the strap achieves a maximum circumference of 12 inches, ensuring that you can bundle up several cords and wires at once. It comes with nine straps.

Cons: There isn’t much variety offered here. You can only really use these for large cords and wires, and the straps are all the same size. You’ll likely have to use nails to hold them up on a wall.

Bottom Line: The cord universe extends far beyond the mobile phone and laptop realm. There are cords that many people need to organize inside the garage or workshop, and these holders are great for those spaces! With industrial strength and adjustable straps, these organizers will make a big difference in your garage organization.


Pros: These self-adhesive organizers can hold your cell phone charger, laptop charging cords, headphone cords, and more. You can attach them to almost any clean and smooth surface, and they’re clear to make them less obvious.

Cons: Keep in mind that the diameter of the holder is 0.27 inches, which might be large for USB cables but perhaps too small for TV cables. Just think about what cords you need to use them with before buying and maybe measure to be sure they’ll work.

Bottom Line: For those who want to hide their cords away, Eyelslet offers a hassle-free and forward-thinking solution. These transparent organizers allow you to eliminate the clutter caused by your cords in an even more discreet manner.

Final Thoughts

Cable organizers are incredibly useful and innovative accessories that make it easier to arrange and set up your personal workspace. When searching for the right organizer, consider the types of cables that you have, the design of the organizer, and the aesthetic that it provides your space.

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