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The Best iPad Mini 5 Cases

Case and cover for digital tablet of different sizes

Since we’ve grown so dependent on our electronic devices in our daily and work lives, we need them to last as long as possible—especially since electronics like tablets are rarely cheap to replace. This is where protective cases come in handy. The risk of knocking over your iPad, spilling water on it, or scratching it is all too real. A good iPad Mini 5 case can keep it safe even in these situations.

Buying Guide for iPad Mini 5 Cases

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Why buy an iPad Mini 5 case?

Tablets are expensive devices, iPad Mini 5s included. The last thing you want is to damage it. Yet matter how careful you are, accidents happen. A good iPad Mini 5 case will protect your tablet from the elements, spills, and falls so that you don’t have to dish out hundreds of dollars every time an accident happens. They also help prevent minor damage like scratches, scruffs, stains, and smudges. Even the priciest of cases cost less than buying a new iPad Mini 5.

What should you look for in an iPad Mini 5 case?

  • Compatibility: Some iPad Mini 5 cases are often compatible with other generations. The devices and generations compatible with your new case should be stated in the product listing, so be sure to double-check it before buying, especially if you don’t own an actual iPad Mini 5.
  • Design: There are endless iPad Mini 5 case styles out there. What look speaks to you? Rainbow glitter, military chunkiness, sleek leather, or minimalist? Dark hues or light shades? Solid colors or elaborate patterns? Your case will be with you for a while, so pick something you like looking at.
  • Functionality: Consider what extra features and functions you want in your iPad case. There are iPad Mini 5 cases designed for kids. The features in such a case will differ considerably from cases for professional use, cases with keyboards, and so on. Some cases can be propped upright, similar to a tripod, some come equipped with a stylus pen for scrolling without smudging the screen, and some have built-in handles for easy transportation.

What is the best material for an iPad Mini 5 case?

Hard or soft plastic, gel, (faux) leather, carbon fiber, and silicone are all common materials for iPad Mini 5 cases. Hard plastic is suitable for a child-owned iPad Mini 5 since they’re cost-effective and often colorful, waterproof, and dustproof, but it’s not the strongest possible material and might look inexpensive and bulky. Soft plastic models offer better protection and are easy to customize while still affordable. However, they may break if dropped and sometimes have a funny smell. Silicone cases are more durable and easy to grip. That said, they can be hard to clean, may grow sticky to the touch over time, and are less customizable.

Carbon fiber cases are considered more high-end. They’re thin and light yet strong and durable, but they’re expensive and aren’t always easy to get on and off your device. Real leather cases are stylish, waterproof, and long-lasting, but they’re costly and don’t offer the best protection against drops. Synthetic leather provides a more ethical alternative with the same benefits minus the higher price tag, though they don’t often last as long. Gel cases offer excellent protection against scratches, scrapes, and bumps and are slim and lightweight. However, they don’t often come with useful extra features like stands or straps and rarely have screen protectors.

Our Picks for the Best iPad Mini 5 Cases

Pros: This dependable and highly rated iPad Mini 5 case is perfect for travel and the office, thanks to its slim build that is also very professional-looking. Each of the 14 available colors looks classy. This case is plenty functional, too. Not only does it possess an auto sleek/wake function (with a secure magnetic flap) to save your case’s battery life, but it has a built-in stand that can be propped up tall and vertically for viewing and reading or low and horizontally for typing.

Cons: This case is compatible with iPad Mini 5 only; because the side cutouts are designed specifically for the iPad Mini 5, you won’t be able to use it with any other iPads. The slenderness of this case means that it has pretty minimal padding.

Bottom Line: Whether you plan to use your iPad Mini 5 for casual, everyday use, to keep yourself entertained while traveling, or for presentations and other work at the office, this case is a great choice. And since the case is so slim and lightweight, it’s easy to slip into your purse or bag without weighing you down.


Pros: This shock-absorbing silicone case is not only drop-proof, but the port plugs help keep dust out. A screen protector comes included with your purchase, as does a stylus pen holder for those who prefer to use a pen with their tablets. Also included are a built-in rotating kickstand (so you can use your tablet in portrait or landscape mode), a soft hand strap, and a shoulder strap for greater portability. You can sling the case over your arm as you would a purse or carry it like a briefcase. And as a bonus, this case is available in eight different colors.

Cons: As protective as it is, the tradeoff is that this case is a bit on the bulky side. While it does offer great protection in most respects, it isn’t waterproof, so you’ll still have to be extra careful of spills.

Bottom Line: You can’t know where and when an accident is going to happen, but with this durable iPad Mini 5 case, you can rest assured that your tablet will be protected against accidental drops.


Pros: This iPad Mini 5 case is quite easy to carry around and grip, thanks to the removable shoulder strap and the hand strap on the back. The hand strap is also adjustable to best fit your child’s hands as they grow. The shoulder strap can also be used to hang your case for hands-free viewing; for instance, you can sling it over the back of a car’s seat so that your kids can enjoy a movie or show on a road trip. The rotating kickstand also allows your child to prop up the case to play games, and the 15 color choices make it fun. Since it was made with kids in mind, the case offers three layers of protection to keep the device safe if dropped.

Cons: It can be a bit tricky to get your tablet in and out of this case, especially since the inner hard plastic layer may scrape against your iPad. And keep in mind that this case only fits iPad Mini 4 and 5, no other models or generations.

Bottom Line: Your little one will enjoy playing with their iPad Mini 5 even more when it’s in this case. It’s as cute as it is convenient, as it comes in multiple fun, bright colors. Kids are kids; they like to test the limits and aren’t always coordinated in their movement. So a lightweight yet protective case like this one is imperative if a kid is going to be handling your iPad Mini.


Pros: If you want an extra-secure, premium-quality iPad Mini 5 case, you’ll love this protective yet compact model. The hard outer shell provides excellent protection against accidental drops, while the port cover keeps out dust, dirt, and other debris from getting into your device. The included screen protector prevents the iPad’s screen from becoming scratched, smudged, cracked, or otherwise damaged. The case itself converts into a stand in both landscape and portrait mode and is much sturdier than an attached kickstand. There’s also a slot inside the stand to hold your stylus pen for those who like to use one with their iPad Mini 5.

Cons: Premium quality often comes with a premium price tag, and this case is no exception. Despite the higher cost, this case isn’t waterproof despite its excellent protection in every other regard. It only comes in one color.

Bottom Line: OtterBox products have a reputation for their extreme durability. This iPad Mini 5 case looks like you could walk through the desert or dive off a cliff with your device without leaving a scratch on it. Even with its multi-layered protection, it’s not too bulky and still looks great.


Pros: Whether you want an iPad Mini 5 case for professional or personal use, there’s sure to be a color option that fits your needs and aesthetic here. There are a whopping 24 different color options to choose from, with patterns and designs as well as solid colors. This case is slim and lightweight; it won’t add any bulkiness or heaviness to your device. It features a magnetic flap that not only keeps the cover firmly in place when not in use but provides an auto wake/sleep feature to save your tablet’s battery. Thanks to the said magnet, this case doubles as a stand and can even be adjusted to two different angles when propped upright.

Cons: While this case is great for protecting your iPad Mini from smudges, scratches, and debris, it doesn’t offer much in the way of impact or drop protection. Nor is it waterproof or water-resistant, so you’ll still have to be careful about spills and inclement weather.

Bottom Line: Go where you want with this iPad Mini 5 case at your side. This case stands out from the crowd with its elegant design options. Overall, this is a great iPad Mini 5 case suitable for older kids, teenagers, and adults.

Final Thoughts

If you own a tablet, a protective case for it is a necessity. Tablets, including iPad Mini 5s, are pretty pricey and handy tools, so you don’t want to risk harm coming to yours. With one of these specialty cases designed for iPad Mini 5s, you know that it will fit and hold your device perfectly.

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