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The Best iPhone 11 Wallet Cases

A person pulls a credit card from their iPhone wallet case.

iPhone wallet cases are increasing in popularity due to their convenience, innovative designs, and dual functionality. Here are some great ones we recommend.

Buying Guide for iPhone 11 Wallet Cases

Hands moving an iPhone wallet case around on a table.

Why buy an iPhone 11 wallet case?

Typically, your phone, wallet, and keys are the three most important items when you leave the house. If your wallet and phone are taking up a lot of space in your pockets or purse, consider streamlining both products into one with a wallet phone case.

What should you look for in an iPhone wallet case?

iPhone cases get heavy daily use, so there are a few considerations when purchasing a wallet case:

  • Charging Compatibility: Consider if you will need to take the phone out of the case to charge it wirelessly or if there is access to the charging port without removing the case.
  • Card Slots: If you have multiple credit cards, consider the number of slots you will need to safely store all your cards and cash, and look for a clear slot for your ID.

What can you expect to spend on an iPhone 11 wallet case?

The iPhone 11 has several unique features, like its beautiful 6.1-inch LCD display and ultra-wide-angle camera, so it’s important that your iPhone wallet case highlights and protects these premium features. There are plenty of practical, affordable iPhone 11 wallet cases that will protect your phone and valuables for under $20. There are also more premium wallet cases that have sophisticated design elements and are made of high-end materials that range from $40-$100.

Our Picks for the Best iPhone 11 Wallet Cases

Pros: This wallet case is a three-in-one product that functions as a detachable case, wallet, and hands-free stand for easy video use. It’s made with premium full-grain leather. The inside is protected with microfiber to prevent scratching, and the magnetic case is separate to protect your iPhone with a raised edge. The wallet has four interior slots and a side pocket for bills and receipts. Simply take the phone case out of the wallet to use it with a wireless charger or car mount.

Cons: This case is more expensive due to its premium full-grain leather inlay and elegant design.

Bottom Line: The elegant design of this iPhone 11 wallet case is sure to impress. Not only is it beautifully crafted, but it has several convenient compartments to store your valuables. Its hands-free stand mode also makes FaceTiming and using your favorite streaming services easier.


Pros: This iPhone 11 wallet case is affordable and comes in a variety of colors. It’s also made of durable PU leather to protect your phone and provide optimal security for your cards. This innovative model is also designed to reduce bulkiness so that you can easily carry your necessities without overstuffing your pockets. Additionally, it supports wireless charging and comes with a convenient wristband feature for easy carrying. The magnetic closure keeps the case securely closed. The unique, multi-layer design protects the smartphone by having an inner skin cover to hold the device without scratching it. This case also has a stand feature, making videos and FaceTime calls easy.

Cons: This slim iPhone wallet case has a maximum carrying capacity of four cards, so it isn’t ideal for those who prefer to carry more cards than that.

Bottom Line: This functional and colorful phone case is designed with premium leather. With easy access to all buttons and the charging port, the phone case allows users to flip it open and charge without removing the case. There are four card slots, a cash pocket, and an ID pocket for easy access.


Pros: This iPhone wallet case is made of premium leather, has an elegant suede-like finish, subtle stitching, and embossing detail. It also has three card slots, a magnetic closure, and a convenient landscape kickstand for easy hands-free viewing.

Cons: This case is slightly more expensive than other iPhone 11 wallet cases, and it doesn’t have a clear slot for IDs.

Bottom Line: This timeless wallet case has elegant design details, full cable/button/speaker access, and a magnetic closure that ensures maximum security and protection for both your phone and your cards.


Pros: This heavy-duty iPhone wallet case is designed with maximum security and protection. It’s also made of high-quality shockproof TPU and hard PC materials for 360-degree protection for your phone and valuables. An innovative hidden wallet compartment allows you to store your cards with minimum bulk and features a shockproof, scratch-resistant front PC defender and rubber bumper that are designed to protect your phone from potential drops or scratches.

Cons: This iPhone 11 wallet case is only designed to store up to two cards, so it isn’t ideal for those who need to store any more cards/IDs than that. It also doesn’t come with cash compartments, so you’d need to store that separately.

Bottom Line: This durable wallet case features state-of-the-art technology that is sure to protect your phone and valuables from scratches or marks. However, it has a limited capacity, so if you need to carry a lot of cards, you’ll want to look elsewhere.


Pros: This stylish iPhone11 wallet case is designed to look like a luxurious bag. It’s fashionable and functional. It features a convenient removable crossbody strap feature that allows you to carry your phone and valuables in style. It’s also made of a durable silicone material that is both soft to the touch and secure.

Cons: This iPhone 11 wallet case can only carry two cards and some cash, so it isn’t great for those who need more storage.

Bottom Line: This case is fashionable, functional, and affordable. It comes in an array of colors and conveniently hangs from a strap for hands-free and stylish carrying.

Final Thoughts

iPhone 11 wallet cases allow you to carry your necessities with convenience and ease. Combining the functionality of a wallet with the protection of a phone case allows you to secure your phone and in style while ensuring the security of your cards and IDs. If you enjoy the dual functionality of iPhone 11 wallet cases, there are also great battery cases for your iPhone 11 to consider.

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