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The Best iPhone XR Cases

A black smartphone with a mint silicone case is charged from a wireless charger.

If you’re reading this, you probably love your iPhone XR. However, even love won’t protect your phone when it gets dropped down the stairs, scratched in your bag, or submerged in water. Thankfully, there are plenty of excellent iPhone XR cases on the market that offer stellar protection (and style) for your favorite device.

Buying Guide for iPhone XR Cases

A man reaches for his dropped mobile smartphone on a tropical sandy beach, hoping to grab it before the waves wash over it.

Why buy an iPhone case?

The main advantage of putting your iPhone XR in a case is to protect the device from breaking if it’s accidentally dropped. The iPhone’s XR’s screen is fairly sensitive, and by having your phone in a case, you’re giving it the best chance to survive a tumble down the stairs. For people who prefer the no-case feel, there are even cases on the market that retain the iPhone XR’s slim profile while providing ample protection against drops and scratches. Of course, some people choose to buy a new case for stylistic reasons, choosing a style in their favorite color or with a pattern that really speaks to them.

What should you look for in an iPhone case?

  • Built-In Features: Many iPhone cases include nifty features that make your life easier. Some phone cases have built-in screen protectors that can save your iPhone’s screen from getting cracked or scratched. Wallet-style cases allow you to store your ID and credit card in your case. There are even iPhone cases that charge your phone as you use it. Ultimately, it’s essential to pick a case with a design and functionality that meets your unique needs.
  • Charger Compatibility: If you like using wireless chargers to charge your iPhone, be sure to pick out a case that offers full wireless charging compatibility. Not all materials allow for the transfer of power between your phone and a charging pad, so closely reading a product’s specs and user reviews is a good idea. Also, keep in mind that some thick cases, while being compatible with wireless chargers, tend to make your phone charge much slower.
  • Added Protection: Some cases offer waterproof protection so that the crevices in your iPhone won’t be filled with water when it rains or your phone gets dropped in the tub. Also, for those who live in hot climates, a phone case that helps prevent the device from overheating will help your iPhone last much longer than a case that exacerbates heat issues.

How does a case actually protect your iPhone?

There are several key features that the best cases share that go a long way in protecting your iPhone XR. While the best cases sport a slim design, they also have raised edges around your phone’s screen and camera. These ensure that even if your phone is dropped flat on its front or rear side, the case will absorb most of the impact instead of the delicate glass. Speaking of drops, a grippy texture will help you maintain a secure grip on your phone even if it begins slipping out of your hand. Finally, a great case will also protect the back of your phone from becoming damaged when dropped, usually by employing a soft, shock-absorbing material.

Our Picks for the Best iPhone XR Cases

Pros: Featuring a grippy surface that’s easy to hold onto, the Mkeke iPhone XR Clear Case preserves the iPhone XR’s natural beauty thanks to its clear, minimalistic design. Despite this, it also offers excellent shock absorption for when your phone is dropped due to its soft TPU interior. This case also resists getting scratched with the best of them and is fairly inexpensive given the amount of protection it affords your iPhone.

Cons: As with most clear cases, this one will begin to show signs of yellowing after many days of heavy use. All things considered, it does resist this better than many budget-friendly clear iPhone cases, but don’t be surprised if your case isn’t looking brand new after a year of reliable use.

Bottom Line: This clear iPhone XR case is an ideal choice for showing off the natural look of your iPhone while protecting it at the same time. Its TPU material really seems to provide excellent protection, especially given this case’s budget price tag. While this case won’t look as good as new forever, it offers enough protection and value to your phone to make it well worth the price.


Pros: Featuring a wide range of attractive color options and a grippy feel that belies its budget-friendly price tag, the OTOFLY iPhone XR Case is one to consider. Unlike many silicone cases, this one sports microfiber lining to prevent the back of your phone from getting scratched and a fingerprint-free finish to keep your case looking clean. While this isn’t the most rugged option on the market, its raised lips do seem to offer a lot of protection to the iPhone’s screen and camera, solidifying this product as an excellent pick.

Cons: While this case does a great job staying clean from fingerprints, it does attract a good deal of dust and lint when in your pocket. Thus, to keep it spotless, regular cleaning with a damp cloth is probably necessary. Also, unsurprisingly given this item’s price, it does begin to degrade after 6-12 months of use.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for inexpensive cases that come in a variety of styles that are great for matching your mood or outfit, this is one of the best choices around. This is especially true for those who are known to have butterfingers and find many cases on the market difficult to grip. That being said, those looking for a more durable option that can be used for several years may have to look elsewhere.


Pros: This iPhone XR case is a great product for carrying almost everything that you’ll need for an outing, including cash and up to three cards. The sides have a nice textured grip, making it easier to hold the phone when using it and less likely to slip out of your hand. In terms of protection, this wallet case is fairly robust, with each corner having air pockets that absorb the brunt of impact caused by accidental drops. As a nice bonus, unlike many wallet cases, this case is also compatible with Qi wireless chargers.

Cons: Although this case provides storage for cash and cards, the resulting design will add a bit of bulk to your iPhone. It’s also worth noting that this case should probably be used in conjunction with a screen protector since it affords less screen protection than many similarly priced options.

Bottom Line: Considering many wallet-style iPhone cases don’t offer much in terms of drop protection or wireless charging, this case delivers where it really counts. That being said, it is still a product that places functionality above rugged phone protection, so habitual phone droppers should exercise some caution.


Pros: Featuring a number of cute designs as well as a totally clear option, the Unov iPhone XR case is a great choice for showing off your iPhone XR while adding an extra touch of personality. This case offers pretty good protection for your iPhone’s screen and camera, thanks to its minimalistic raised bezels. It’s also fairly grippy, with a robust yet flexible material. Considering this case’s stellar price point, it definitely delivers enough protection and style to justify the cost.

Cons: While this product feels fairly grippy in your hand, it does tend to slide when placed on a slanted surface. That being said, you may have to be more careful where you place your phone if you purchase this case. Also, your case may begin to yellow within a year of everyday use.

Bottom Line: As one can see from this product’s overwhelmingly positive reviews, it’s a case that delivers exactly what is expected from it. If you’re looking for a slim case that can add style points to the iPhone XR’s already beautiful design, you’re looking at the right product. However, there are clear cases on the market that will outlast this one in terms of staying pristine and clear.


Pros: LifeProof is a highly reputable phone case brand, and this case provides unbeatable waterproof protection for your iPhone XR. It also comes with a built-in screen protector and is fully waterproof and snowproof. Therefore, your device can be fully submerged in water for quite some time with no lasting damage if it’s in this case. In addition to being shockproof, this durable case will protect your device against dust and dirt particles, something that many cases don’t offer.

Cons: This case offers more protection than nearly any iPhone XR case on the market, so perhaps it’s not surprising that it is also one of the more expensive cases you can buy. Also, the built-in screen protector tends to suffer from air bubbles if not precisely installed, a fact many may find fairly annoying.

Bottom Line: Those who take their iPhone XR everywhere, including the beach and ski slopes, will probably not find a better case to protect their phone. However, for people that are not seeking a waterproof case or rugged protection, you will likely benefit from a slimmer, less expensive model.

Final Thoughts

Protecting your phone is essential to prolonging its life. While phone cases with bells and whistles aren’t for everyone, they tend to provide plenty of useful functions and added safety for your favorite device. Whether you’re constantly on the go for your job, working at a desk, or just constantly on your phone, there are many iPhone XR cases that are well worth the investment.

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