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The Best Landline Phones

a cordless landline phone in its charging dock on a table.

Buying Guide for the Best Landline Phones

A woman sitting in an office uses a corded black phone to make a call.

Why buy a landline phone?

Mobile phones have grown increasingly complicated, so it should come as no surprise that their landline alternatives have great appeal as an easy-to-use means of communication among older communities. Whether it’s talking to loved ones or medical professionals, many simply want a basic telephone that requires only pressing buttons or turning a rotary dial.

Additionally, landlines appeal to younger generations since they’re somewhat of a novelty, a real throwback to the old days. Using a landline is also a great way to reduce screen time and reduce reliance on cell phone use. Finally, many people also use landline phones at their offices since they’re still one of the best ways to set up a phone system at a place of business.

What should you look for in a landline phone?

  • Features: If you experience hearing and visual impairment, look for landline phones with features like large numbered keys, backlighting, and hearing aid accommodation. Other features you may find helpful include voicemail and a smart call blocker. Also, consider a corded phone with audio assist options and high-volume capabilities for the best experience while on a call.
  • Mobility: A corded phone is a relatively permanent fixture, unlike a mobile phone, and that may be a good thing if you’re concerned about misplacing it. Some cords are long enough that you can move around a bit. On the other hand, cordless lines offer freedom to make and receive calls from anywhere in the house, sometimes even outside.
  • Style: There’s simply no reason to buy a landline phone you don’t like the looks of when there are so many options to choose from. Yes, the functional capability is probably more important than style. But once you have an idea of the type of setup you need, why not choose a phone that appeals to you?

What should you expect to spend on a landline phone?

As with so many products, prices range based on the quality of the materials used, features, and overall performance. Even so, we’ve reviewed some great, reasonably priced phones. Some run as low as $35 and as high as $120. You can also find smart landline phones with video that run for around $400 or more. Also, the more receivers involved, the higher the price.

Our Picks for the Best Landline Phones

Pros: This iSoHo landline phone features a microphone that amplifies soft voices, three adjustable volume controls, and a loud ringer. In addition to its quality as a hearing loss-friendly phone, those with vision impairment can benefit as well. The backlit keypad has large numbers that make it easier to quickly dial day or night and see incoming calls. Fashion lovers will appreciate the 1960s vibes and the impressive color selection.

Cons: It’s not as loud for those who are hard of hearing as it may seem.

Bottom Line: This landline phone is lightweight, wall-mountable, and easy to install. It comes in blue, white, ivory, black, red, green, and pink.


Pros: The features of this AT&T handset aren’t just silly fluff but can actually make using the phone easier. For one thing, you can call from anywhere in the house thanks to the antenna. In fact, with the cordless receiver, you can talk to other members of the house without having to yell to get their attention. If you’re busy cooking or cleaning, take advantage of the speakerphone. It offers clear communication, so neither party will struggle to hear or project their voice. It also has a smart call blocker. Use it to screen out robocalls, unknown callers, and even personal acquaintances with whom you don’t want to talk.

Cons: You do have to remember to keep the phone with you unless you choose to talk right beside the recharging console. Also, you may find the numerous steps needed to program your phone a bit overwhelming.

Bottom Line: This cordless phone with an answering machine is a bit more advanced technologically than corded landline phones. It has several convenient features that make it a great option for a home or small business that wants a landline.


Pros: Are you getting sick of using your personal cell phone at work? Well, just know that you’re not alone. VTech designed this four-line phone system just for busy office workers. In fact, if you have busy coworkers, you can expand this one console and one phone up to 10 lines simply by adding nine desk phones or handsets. The VTech is easy to install and operate. The system is particularly helpful if the office experiences high call volumes. Each line has an auto attendant to answer calls. It provides the company directory so that callers can connect to the right extension and leave voice messages. The digital answering machine records up to 180 minutes of memos, messages, and announcements.

Cons: Some find this phone system difficult to set up. It may be more extensive than you need, especially if you have a small household or a small business.

Bottom Line: This VTech phone system is designed for office use. If you have lots of calls coming in and going out, this product is ready to help.


Pros: The ring tone has that old-timey mechanical chime. The satisfying tactical experience of turning the dial all the way around the RD button will make you want to give all your friends a call. This rotary phone is nice to look at, too. Designed to evoke the iconic fashions of the mid-century, the phone features an ornate zinc-alloy circle in the center of the rotary dial ring. This old-fashioned-looking telephone is modern in practice in some respects, though. You have a hands-free, re-dial function. The phone is also compatible with most cable networks and telephone lines.

Cons: This throwback telephone may not suit the needs of seniors with visual impairment. If you need bright and easy-to-read numbers, you might want to look for other options. It’s also not the most neutral phone option out there.

Bottom Line: There’s no getting upset by a complicated new-fangled gadget when you buy this classy throwback rotary dial phone from IRISVO.

Final Thoughts

The quality products we reviewed demonstrate that it’s possible to own a serviceable and no-fuss landline. Some consider landline phones obsolete, but they often work well for those who struggle with hearing and vision loss or those who need one for their place of business. Plus, they can even be a stylish addition to your home.

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