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The Best OTG Cable Adapters

three OTG cable adapters side by side

If you need to connect a USB peripheral to a device, but don’t have a computer, an OTG cable adapter will enable you to connect the peripheral to your smartphone. An “on-the-go” cable adapter enables your phone to become the host, as a computer would if you plugged your peripheral into it.

It will serve you best when you’re away from home and don’t have a computer at hand. With an OTG cable adapter, you can access anything from flash drives, keyboards, mice, and card readers at the touch of your screen.

What You Should Look for in an OTG Cable Adapter

There are a few things you should consider before buying an OTG cable adapter. For one, knowing the type of adapter being used is important because you want to make sure it is compatible with your smartphone. After that, you should look for OTG cable adapters that offer fast data transfer speeds. Transferring data will be more efficient even with faster speeds. Lastly, OTG cable adapters that offer a wide range of compatibility with different devices and smartphones will be useful when you need to connect in a pinch.

Editor’s Choice: TUSITA 3-Port Charging OTG Host Cable Cord

black OTG cable adapter with four ports

Traditional OTG cable adapters only offer one USB port, but the TUSITA Three-Port Cable comes with four ports: three USB ports and one for charging your smartphone. It’s a Micro USB OTG cable adapter, and it is compatible with most Micro USB phones. It not only comes with multiple ports, but it allows you to simultaneously charge your phone, as other cables will prevent you from doing so.

Best Value: UGREEN Micro USB 2.0 OTG Cable 2 Pack

two singular OTG cable adapters

The UGREEN Micro USB 2.0 OTG Cable is a great option for those looking for an effective cable adapter at a low price. This Micro USB OTG is a 4-inch cable adapter, which is compatible with most Micro USB smartphones. What’s unique about this cable is that it’s able to charge your smartphone with the power of another smartphone. This makes this OTG cable adapter useful when you need extra power but don’t have a charger. In addition, it comes in a pack of two.

Best Design: JSAUX Type C 3.0 OTG Cable

black and red OTG cable adapter

If you need an OTG cable adapter for a Type C smartphone, the JSAUX Type C 3.0 OTG Cable is your best bet. It has a fast transfer speed of 5Gbps, and it’s designed with a tough nylon braid. It’s compatible with all Type C devices as well. If you’re looking for an adapter for your Type C smartphone, this cable will suit you perfectly.

Also Consider: TV xStream USB Port Adapter

black OTG cable adapter with two ports

The TV xStream USB Port Adapter is a two-in-one OTG cable adapter, which will allow you to have access to charging your smartphone while being connected to a device. It has an easy setup and it’s compatible with a wide range Micro USB smartphones. Its compatibility with multiple types of streaming and media devices makes this adapter great for streaming.

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