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The Best Type C Adapters for You

assorted type C USB cords and accessories

USB Type C is slowly becoming a new standard for charging and connectivity, and for good reason; it boasts powerful charging capabilities, faster data transfer speeds, and can be plugged in either side up. Because of their powerful, fast, and slim ports, more and more devices are allowing connectivity for Type C. If you have a USB-C device and are looking for a way to connect other ports to it, a Type C adapter is the solution. Here are some we recommend.

What to Look for in a Type C Adapter

  • Compatibility: Type C adapters are each designed for different ports. Know what type of port you’re looking to connect your Type C device to, and buy accordingly.
  • Data Transfer Speed: Different Type C adapters will have varying data transferring speeds. Moreover, the speed that your cable has may change due to the adapter’s speed.
  • Design: Type C adapters can come in different shapes and sizes. Find something that works for your desk space and transport needs.

Most Versatile: FALWEDI USB-C Hub

multiple type C USB cords with a charging port and memory cards

This USB-C hub has a wide range of connectivity. Not only does this hub support traditional USB ports, but it has room for HDMI, VGA, SD, and TF cards, and a 3.5-millimeter audio jack. Its three USB 3.0 ports support a 5 Gbps transfer speed, while its Ethernet port supports 1,000 Mbps. For charging purposes, this hub supports one Type C female port which can charge your devices with 87 watts of power.

Best for Micro-USB: JXMOX Micro-USB to USB Type C

closeup of four type C USB charger heads

If you need a way to connect your Micro-USB to your Type C device, the JXMOX Type C adapter is a portable option for you. It’s a slim, aluminum build that connects flush to your Micro-USB, with no extra cords or bulk. It offers a 480 Mbps data transfer speed, and when connecting with a standard Micro-USB, it allows you to fast charge the device. Additionally, it comes in a pack of four.

Best Value: GLAREE Micro-USB to Type C Adapter

eight type C USB chargers in six different colors, all on keychains

Connect as many Micro-USBs as needed to your Type C device with these adapters. They’re a colorful eight-pack bundle of slim adapters, designed with key chains for added convenience. Additionally, they support quick charges and syncs when connected with a standard Micro-USB.

Also Consider: FlePow USB C Hub Multiport Adapter

several type C USB devices with a charging port and memory card

This Type C dongle comes with a variety of different connectivity options, ranging from 4K HDMI to SD/TF card readers. Its three USB ports offer 5 Gbps of data transferring. In addition, this USB hub is designed to prevent short-circuiting and can regulate its temperature. Although a larger adapter, it weighs two ounces and is relatively slim.

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