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The Best Type Covers for Surface Pros

person using a Surface Pro with a type cover

Surface Pro devices are great tablet computers that can also function like laptops. Simply attach a type cover (a special keyboard that can double as a screen cover) to the device and use it like you would a laptop. Here are some type covers we recommend to use with your Surface Pro.

How to Pick a Type Cover for Your Surface Pro

When purchasing a Surface Pro type cover, here is what you should consider:

  • Durability: Pick a type cover that protects your tablet’s screen from accidental bumps or drops and that will endure a lot of use.
  • Adjustments: Consider a type cover that has the flexibility to adjust to your positioning in your workspace, whether it’s on your lap or a desk.
  • Battery Life: Depending on your usage, consider if the battery is built-in and how long it will go without a charge when you’re working.

Most Durable: Microsoft Type Cover for Surface Pro — Black

black Microsoft Surface Pro type cover

This Surface Pro type cover has a new design with slightly spread out keys for an efficient, laptop-like typing experience. Its two-button trackpad helps provide precision in navigation control. It is a sturdy type cover with enhanced magnetic stability along the fold, allowing you to adjust the angle for working on your lap or at a desk. Simply click it into place to go from tablet mode to laptop mode. Your device will be protected and shielded from bumps and scatches by this type cover.

Most Slender:  EADOU Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover

detachable black EADOU Microsoft Surface Pro type cover

This keyboard and protective cover magnetically close over the device and can be easily assembled or disassembled. The design is ultra-thin and ultra-light, which provides for comfortable typing anywhere and really easy transportation. You can connect wirelessly within 33 feet or connect magnetically to the device and adjust the cover to type at more of an angle. The Surface Pro will automatically wake up and sleep when the type cover is opened and closed, respectively.

Most Compatible: Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Case with Keyboard

foldable black Microsoft Surface Pro 7 type case with a keyboard

This type cover is widely compatible with a variety of Surface Pro generations. The removable wireless Bluetooth keyboard comes with a hybrid case to transform your tablet into a laptop with ease. The stand has multiple angles with an anti-slip stand for stable usage. The battery is built-in and rechargeable for continuous use and will enter sleep mode if not used for ten minutes.

Best LED Lights: MoKo Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover

MoKo Microsoft Surface Pro type cover with blue lights

This type cover is the perfect choice for a fun and colorful work experience with its seven colored LED backlights. It also has two levels of brightness, perfect for low-light conditions or at night. The keyboard is sturdy and has enhanced magnetic stability along the fold to adjust for different work conditions. The device works wirelessly up to 33 feet away and the built-in battery is rechargeable and meant for 125 hours of continuous use.

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