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The one feature Apple should seriously copy from BlackBerry OS 10

Do you own a BlackBerry? Of course you don’t. Nobody’s owned a BlackBerry since 2009 or so, but despite that I decided to pick up the BlackBerry Classic to replace my HTC One M8 as my non-iOS phone and I actually don’t hate it.

With its multitouch screen it’s a lot like a cross between iOS and Android, but it happens to have a feature than neither of those two much more popular options have out of the box, and I love it. I was sorting the bounty of stock apps that came on the device when I realized I had created two folders by accident.

If I were on my iPhone, correcting this mistake would mean taking all the apps out of one folder and putting them into the other one, one at a time. I was prepared to do just that, but first I decided to just toss one of the folder icons on top of the other, expecting it to push the other folder out of the way and leave both folders intact — as it would on iOS and Android. To my astonishment, BlackBerry OS 10 has a built-in “Merge Folders” feature.


How on earth does BlackBerry — the company that is literally gasping for breath while Apple and Google casually erase them from the history books — have a better handle on app management than its competitors? Apple, it’s time to fix this.

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