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Watch Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan Sit in Front of a Fireplace… for Hours

We’ve watched plenty of Yule log videos over the holidays. There’s the classic “just a burning log” video, which you can stream to your TV for hours if you don’t actually have a fireplace of your own. And don’t forget the ever-delightful “Lil BUB” variant, which trades annoying holiday music for the world’s cutest cat. Even Nick Offerman has a Yule log video—though this writer would much prefer what’s in his glass than the log.

Not to be outdone, Blizzard’s own Jeff Kaplan—creative director of the popular first-person shooter Overwatch—has been sitting in front of a fire for nearly four hours as of this article’s writing. He’s streaming the entire affair to Twitch, but you might find yourself looking for a bit more excitement if you tune in

Like Offerman, Kaplan is taking a strong, silent approach to his stream. Rarely does he chat with the camera (or anyone Blizzard roped in to film the stunt over its holiday break). He’s not even drinking from the not-full coffee mug or eating any of the nearby (and delicious-looking) holiday cookies.

He’s just staring. Staring, thinking, and perhaps revisiting whatever bet he lost that placed him in the holiday hot seat for an unknown amount of time.

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