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Will Samsung copy the iPhone 7’s most hated feature?


Not only did Apple offer a minimal upgrade with this year’s iPhone 7, it also crushed the hearts of many by heartlessly axing the loyal headphone port.

And if you still haven’t succumbed to the inevitable wireless revolution, you may even be contemplating a switch to the dark side Samsung.

Well, about that…

According to dedicated blog SamMobile, the upcoming Galaxy S8 will follow Apple’s lead and remove the legacy 3.5mm jack in order to offer a thinner design.

The change would also be offset by the introduction of stereo speakers — y’know, just in case you prefer to blare your lit grime beats instead of keeping them running through wires.

Since the outlet failed to mention any sources, though, it’s fair to question how legit this whisper is. After all, Samsung becoming an accomplice of port-related murder doesn’t quite add up.

It’s a key point of difference from Apple for those not ready to leave wires behind, and it also can’t benefit in the same way as its rival (via Lightning-adaptable accessories).

With the device not set to be unveiled until February, though, anything remains a possibility. So while it feels unlikely that the South Korean company would attempt to help everyone forget about the Note 7 debacle by pissing them off even more, maybe it’d be sensible to hold fire on that wired headphone purchase for now.

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