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Windows 10 is 4x more popular than macOS


According to official figures released by both companies, Windows 10 has 4x the number of active users of macOS — with 400 million users for Windows 10 versus 100 million for Mac.

While Microsoft’s figures have been available for a while, Apple’s 100 million figure is newly published, as part of Apple’s efforts to prove it still cares about Mac.

Don’t feel too bad for Apple, though: despite the difference in popularity, the Mac division is still approaching a $25 billion run rate, which makes it almost big enough to be a Fortune 100 company on its own. The fact that Apple also controls both hardware and software means it can achieve far greater profit margins than just selling software.

As per Apple’s figures, its MacBook lineup represents around 80 percent of all Mac shipments, while desktops such as the iMac represent only 20 percent. Despite the fact that Apple has announced that it is planning to release new Mac Pro and iMac models targeted at the pro market, only “single digit percentage” (thought to be at the lower end) of Mac owners are Mac Pro customers.

Despite the somewhat mixed reception the new Touch Bar MacBook Pro received from critics, Apple additionally notes that MacBook Pro sales grew 20 percent year-over-year in the latest fiscal quarter.

A report from late last year suggested that the Mac division has been suffering from a lack of clear direction from senior management, departures of key employees, and technical challenges — all conspiring to make the Mac one of Apple’s forgotten divisions. Hopefully today’s news suggests that perception is changing!

Coincidentally, both Apple and Windows 10 maker Microsoft celebrated anniversaries of their founding over the past week, with Apple forming as a company on April 1, 1976, and Microsoft

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