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Windows 11 May Still Get 3D Emoji After All


Microsoft had everyone excited when it showed off the 3D emoji in Windows 11, but they never made it to the final Windows 11 version. However, it appears that the company isn’t ready to give up on them yet, according to a Microsoft designer.

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A Window user told Microsoft designer Nando Costa that they wanted the 3D emoji in Windows 11, and he replied, “We’re working on that.” Later, he put out a blog post on LinkedIn discussing Microsoft’s emoji decisions in Windows 11 and its plans going forward.

We have no idea when Microsoft will change from the 2D to 3D emoji, but considering the company switched back to a flat design without any comment, it’s good to see that it hasn’t completely given up on the gorgeous 3D design it teased before the latest version of Windows launched.

Additionally, we don’t know exactly why Microsoft changed from the 3D design back to the 2D version. It could have been an issue with the way fonts are drawn in Windows or other technical problems. If that’s the case, it could be a matter of Microsoft figuring out how to make the more advanced emoji work in the OS without slowing things down. Only time will tell when (and if) the 3D emoji arrive, but there’s hope.

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