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YouTube TV expands to another 12 markets

YouTube TV has been steadily expanding to new markets in the months since its initial launch, and today it’s expanded once again.

YouTube TV is now available in 12 additional markets, bringing the service to a total of 41 markets. The 12 new locales that now have access to YouTube TV include:

  • Salt Lake City
  • Denver
  • Cleveland
  • Hartford
  • San Diego
  • Kansas City
  • St. Louis
  • Milwaukee
  • Indianapolis
  • Harrisburg
  • Oklahoma City
  • Greensboro

YouTube TV starts at $35 per month and includes more than 40 channels such as ABC, MSNBC, ESPN, FX, USA, AMC, BBC World News, and more. Each subscription includes an unlimited cloud DVR and six different accounts, each with its own login and cloud DVR library.

There’s a free YouTube TV trial if you’re interested in giving the service a go, and if you decide to subscribe, YouTube TV will give you a free Google Chromecast after your first payment.

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