How to Choose the Best RAM for Your PC

RAM modules are one of the most important parts of your PC. Good RAM can give you plenty of benefits, including sizable performance gains and the power to multitask. Here’s how to properly choose RAM, and how to avoid overspending. ...

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Your Gaming Monitor Might Be Too Big

While a massive gaming monitor may initially seem appealing, potential drawbacks can outweigh the benefits. Issues like lower pixel density, strained reactions, ergonomic stress, and additional hidden costs contribute to diminishing returns as screen size increases. For optimum gameplay, comfort, ...

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Teraflops Are a Bad Way to Compare GPUs: Here’s Why

Teraflops provide a simplistic view of GPU performance, but fail to account for differences in architecture, efficiency, and software optimizations. Real-world performance testing and understanding of architecture specifics provide a more accurate comparison of GPUs. Teraflops, often hailed as the ...

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How to RMA Your Steam Deck

Troubleshoot your device and then contact Steam Support. Wait for an answer from Steam Support. Back up and factory reset your Steam Deck. Ship it to a Steam Deck repair center with the prepaid shipping label. Wait for an email ...

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